It´s not always easy: getting old

Very important: a lot of Protein, Vitamins and  minerals

With increasing age the body changes. Muscle and bone mass decreases considerably. The water content of the body lowers, the fat content rises. Added to this is low physical activity which reduces the physical capabilities and resilience of the people affected.

Very important: a lot of protein, vitamins and  minerals

In such situations malnutrition is extremely dangerous for the organism. This is mostly caused by loss of appetite and too low an intake of fluid. The drastic consequences are not only listlessness but also increased muscle loss as well as poor wound healing which is particularly intensified by inadequate vitamin intake. Also illness can cause increased nutritional requirements that need to be covered for efficient recovery. An adequate protein and vitamin intake can counteract these symptoms and lead to a better quality of life.

Optimum: perfect dietary supplement

With the products CAMED high-calorie thickening powder, CAMED high-calorie PLUS thickening powder and CAMED PEP 5000 PLUS, CAMED offers the perfect dietary supplement that is ideally adapted to the needs of the patients. Where there is inadequate oral nutrition, before resorting to drastic measures such as stomach tubes, CAMED’s thickening agents offer not only the possibility of appropriately providing the patients with the necessary nutritional ingredients but also an opportunity to give them back their independence in taking food.

Eating and drinking independently again at last.

CAMED high-calorie thickening powder and CAMED high-calorie PLUS thickening powder are easy and quick to mix into the desired liquid and offer the person affected the opportunity to finally be able to swallow without problem. In addition the organism is supported in its functions by the perfectly adapted ingredients and give the person affected more vitality and enjoyment of life.